What Is The Best CRM Software For Ecommerce?

When you are looking for the best CRM software for ecommerce, cost is always an issue. While a software CRM like Salesforce that offers their product free of charge to new users would appear to be the ideal, it may not be the best choice depending on the types of other programs you are using with your operations. Your best option is to start looking at the open source CRM products. Open source products can come as free cloud CRM, freemium CRM products and some also have premium versions like Salesforce.

Why Are Open Source CRM Products Free?

Open source development projects are not a new idea. Open source refers to the fact that almost any one can add to the code of the project, it is not protected by ownership assigned to one company. It isn’t really true that just anyone can add to the code, there are security restrictions.

What open source does is radically lower the cost of development and upgrading a project because it is developed community. The movement gained speed in the 80s with the rise of the Internet. Many developers felt that the potential of computers should be a human right and that software should not have high costs attached to it for users.

It has also become one of the best ways for programmers to make a name for themselves by working on projects without being directly hired by the company. Open source projects are also more responsive to their community of users in developing needed features for ecommerce CRM software as it functions on a premise that if you want it, you build it.

The Top CRM Software for Ecommerce Remains CiviCRM

While there are other open source CRM products we will discuss, the top choice remains CiviCRM. It was developed specifically to help community based nonprofits have access to cloud CRM. Many of these nonprofits cannot justify the expense of a major program like Salesforce. Also, a program like that is really designed for commercial businesses and the features reflect that. Civi CRM is designed for nonprofits and comes with preset features that emphasize grant tracking and fund raising development.

Support Material Is Critical

The other reason that CiviCRM beats out many of its competitors is that it has one of the most robust support communities around. There is ample free training for its users, plus multiple support avenues so you can learn the system well. When it comes to moving it into the cloud, as long as you have the host and someone who can manage the IT side you can take Civi CRM anywhere you go.

Who Are The Runner-ups?

The runner-ups for the best CRM software for ecommerce include Sugar CRM and Free CRM. Both of these offer free cloud CRM packages, freemium CRM (where you can purchase specific advanced features) and premium cloud CRM services too. These are more broadly aimed than CiviCRM which can be a bonus if you are not a traditional community based non-profit. Your best bet is to try all three. Since they are free, there is no cost or commitment to try them out so you can really see which would be the best for you.

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