White House: We Have A Beef With GMO Regulations

The U.S. government’s system for regulating the products of biotechnology, including GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, was born in 1986, and it has been controversial from the start. Now, it will be getting a makeover — in part to assure the public that GMOs really are adequately regulated. The White House has ordered three federal […]

Yo Air Force: Don’t You Dare Kill Off Our Toughest Warplane

The Air Force wants to kill off the A-10 Thunderbolt II. You can see why: The plane was designed to fight Russians in the Cold War. It’s old. It’s slow. It’s expensive to maintain. It’s about as sophisticated as a hammer, and it’s the weapon we’ve sent to battle ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Pentagon […]

Wearable technology struggles for consumer fit amid patent production boom – Washington Times

The technology behind wearable electronics finally may have arrived, but whether consumers will greet it with open wallets is another question. Smartwatches, fitness trackers, iGlasses, goggles and even “smart” diapers are among the many wearable electronics products already available to consumers, but analysts and researchers say it’s too early to determine whether the gadgets will […]